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Guardian Home Opportunity 

Our Sweet Primrose is on the lookout for her perfect couch to lounge on! She is a large medium/small standard weighing in at 50lbs and 20" to her withers. Prim does well with other dogs but she would love to find a guardian home where she can be her guardians center of attention. She would be best suited for a house that has older/grown children. She is house trained and is not destructive when left unattended. She is crate trained but to be honest, we rarely ever crate her (I don't know when was the last time she was crated!) since she is so well behaved around the house. 


Primrose's favorite place is lounging near a sunny window. She enjoys kisses and cuddles loves to lay near you or at your feet. She would do well in either an active home or low-key home as she is happy lounging on the couch or going on hikes/walks. 


If you are wanting to add a furry companion to your family but do not want to deal with the puppy phase, Prim may be a great fit for you! Prim will be turning 3 in March. 


If you are interested and would like to know more about the Guardian Home requirements, please visit our Guardian Page.

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